What affects the final price of a box?

by | Jun 30, 2022

What affects the final price of a box?


Anyone who has tried ordering boxes for his product or marketing campaign, was met with differing prices, depending on the manufacturer. Differences can be quite big. Why is that? We're here to explain.


The price of a box is influenced by several factors:


  1. Raw materials - this is one of the key factors affecting the price of your box. It's important to carefully check the specifications sent by manufacturers, because despite similar grammage, the difference in quality of the material can be quite large, and this applies to both corrugated and coated cardboard.


At Box Academy, we use top quality GC1 cardboard and corrugated cardboard finished with a kraft liner. For comparison, GD or GC2 cartons cost about 20-30% less, while the difference in whiteness and stiffness is very noticable, so if you care about quality, carefully check the raw material from which you wish your packaging to be made.


  1. Printing technology - this does not affect the price as much as the cost of raw material, but it's equally important. Offset printing is a standard for manufacturing of packaging, but it's only applicable to high-volume runs. Due to better personalization and low-cost, offset printing is slowly being replaced by digital printing techniques. With offset presses, the prices are very similar to each other, in case of digital printing, it's very important what machine will be used. As in the case of material, the better quality we want to achieve, the more expensive it gets.


  1. Finishing - the last factor influencing the price of the package is the type of finish. The cheapest option to "close the print" are various types of varnishes (UV, dispersion). Those are mostly used when we're ok with low quality. The most popular finishes are matte or glossy films, but we also often use specialist films, such as non-scratch films, structural films, which have a significant impact on the price and quality of the box.


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