What are Pantone colors?

by | May 5, 2022

What are Pantone colors?

Pantone Color Matching System is a palette of uniform, previously prepared colors used in printing. Contrary to CMYK it's not created by overlapping colors, but consists of many colors that are independent of each other. It is an international color system that is used in graphic design for both printing and pre-press printing (digital).

How to determine a Pantone color number?

The number of Pantone Color Matching System can be determined with the help of a color chart and a color library in the graphics programs of the Adobe suite. However, it should be remembered that there are several color guides and libraries, and they differ depending on the material on which the color is printed. Each color is described numerically, e.g. 871C, but the values ​​for CMYK colors are also given, however, CMYK will never be identical to Pantone

Pantone colors can also be created from scratch without the use of a color guide. This process is a bit more complex, but at Box Academy we have already created Pantone colors for our clients.

When to use Pantone colors?

Pantone colors are most often used in communication materials of companies that care about reliable and correct color reproduction on any printed material. Printing with Pantone colors allows you to obtain color repeatability regardless of where and on what the print is made.


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